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I’m Amy and this is my blog about my journey to have a healthier lifestyle.   I want to be more inform about the ingredients in our daily life especially skincare products so we can make better decisions. I believe that everything start with our health even our acne problem! Once we take control and get healthy we can achieve anything. That’s why I want us to be informed and be selective about what we use and put in and on our body so we can be as healthy as we can and be happy and feeling beautiful! I hope you will join my journey and maybe we can together learn a thing or two!

A little bit about me… I’m 30 years old (soon !^ _^).  My background is in science (a lab nerd and proud to be one 🙂 ) I love nature (but hate camping) & cooking.  I’m a novice gardener. I hate bugs but love to grow veggies and flowers…does that make sense?? lol.

I never have acne until about a year ago. While my friends suffer from teen acne, I breezed through that stage with beautiful clear skin. In late 20s I start playing with more skincare products, I blame it on the trend. I followed beauties blog and tried the products that they recommended. My skin seem to like it fine until about a year ago.  Something triggered it…and also I got married and my eating habits changed. My diet wasn’t as clean as before and I start to eat more food like my hubby lol. I started to have persistent acne, it was rarely cystic ones, but I have so many white heads that left me with post inflammation hyperpigmentation (PIH). My whole face looks like a peperoni pizza all the time! I tried all kinds of products (both conventional and natural ones, DIY) and they didn’t help.  At the same time, I’m also getting back to my healthier diet.  I want to find the reason why I wasn’t healing, so I set out to study the chemistry of skin and the ingredients in the products. I have a background in science so the terminology is not that all foreign to me; hopefully I’ll learn something and maybe it can help someone else too.  Would you join my journey and see what we will discover?

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