Research Resources

Here are the resources that I used for all my research for the site.

1) I use scientific journals, peer reviews from the university medical library.


harrycosmetic2) Harry’s Cosmeticology 8th Edition A cosmetic technical textbooks.

handbookcosmetic 3)Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology, Third Edition My favorite book regarding cosmetic science!

nutritionalcosmetic4)Nutritional Cosmetics: Beauty from Within (Personal Care and Cosmetic Technology)

skinaginghandbook5)Skin Aging Handbook

nutandseed6)Nuts and Seeds in Health and Disease Prevention

IMG_1770 7)The Western Herbal Tradition: 2000 years of medicinal plant knowledge, 1e This is one of the best books about herbal plants.  I highly recommend it you want to learn about the use of herbal during different time period.

 herbal principles in cosmetics8)Herbal Principles in Cosmetics: Properties and Mechanisms of Action (Traditional Herbal Medicines for Modern Times)

Herbal medicine9)Herbal Medicines


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