Skin18 first package review

As I said before, I love trying new products so when I found out has a reviewer program…I joined! I like it because they send you free products to try in exchange for your honest review. Just so we’re clear, no matter how I received a product my opinion is my own.  You have my word on that!

On to the review! Here’s my first package from them:


IMG_0925Cracare AloeSoothing mask:
✨ 3 steps masking: apply ampoule, mask for 30 min, apply cream.
✨Light perfume scent, not too bad, disappeared quickly.
✨Thick ampoule. The cream is really similar to the ampoule maybe just thicker in texture?
✨Mask material is thick, soak in clear essence, no essence left in pouch, very well fit mask overall, mouth opening a little big though
✨There are a lot of cream. I had leftover even after applying to my neck
✨Skin feels hydrated afterwards. Maybe a little bit brighter? Should be with all that hydration 😂 There’s a film of the cream on my skin the next morning. It washed off easily. Maybe I applied too much 🙈 No irritations! 🙌
✨ This will be a perfect mask for a mini weekend getaway or for minimalists who doesn’t like to pack a lot of skincare

IMG_0916Luke Hydrogel eye patch for eye puffiness:
✨It’s really nice that it shapes around your eyes
✨Easy peel on and off
✨Has a cooling sensation when first apply👍🏻so nice!
✨I left it on for 20 min
✨Nothing changed afterwards.
✨Those bags still staring back at me unmoving
✨Maybe it will be more effective if you use it daily? I just used this once and didn’t see any change. It was fun to use though. My first eye patch ever!

IMG_0904EGF moisturizing and conditioning serum 3D sheet mask:
✨ it’s my first 3D sheet mask.
✨The fit is really funky 😂😂 I have big face so it didn’t cover the whole face🙈 I really love the nose fit though 👍🏻
✨No distinctive smell, pretty pleasant
✨It has a jelly texture essence
✨Left on for 30 min
✨ Face is hydrate and bright after
✨ my green beauty friends I believe this contains traditional paraben preservatives just FYI

IMG_0882Mirum fresh fruit Acai berry real nature mask pack:
✨Material is thick but soft
✨There’s no essence left in the pouch 😕 I normally would like to have a bit more just to put on top of the mask 😁
✨Faintly pleasant scent
✨Left on for 20 min
✨Face is hydrated and brightened afterwards👍🏻 No irritations!

Thank you so much Skin18 team for providing these!

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