My thoughts regarding Conventional, Natural, and DIY skincare

I love “natural”, “minimally processed” skin care products, and I love science!

To me when I say “natural” I meant the product in its original form coming from nature like raw honey.

“Minimally processed”: products with minimal processing as in essential oils, carriers oils, stearic acid, butters that has been process several times but still retain the properties of the plant even though they look nothing like the original plant.

Not all natural things (poison ivy anyone?) are good for you just like not all chemicals are toxic.  When science and nature meet great things happened!  Science extracts out the best nature has to offer. Botanical  extracts? Get it? Lol Sorry for my dry sense of humor.  I know a lot of people shun any products with preservatives. Preservatives are not bad for you! You need those in the products that are water bases to keep all the nasty things like mold and bacteria from growing in your products.  You might be sensitive to certain preservatives so pay attention to your skin.  I doubt any of us will use up a bottle of lotion or toner within a week that’s why we need preservatives.  I’m talking about skincare preservatives here…I’m against processed food (like prepackage meals) that contain preservatives.  When it comes to food fresh are the best! Preserving foods by freezing is a totally different category.

I have nothing against using ‘chemical’ in skincare.  When using the right gentle no harsh chemicals in the right formulas the end product will be very effective.  Chemistry is a wonderful thing! That’s why you should be reading every ingredients in the product and pay attention to your skin’s need. Also do your own research to be up to date and be inform about new ingredients on the market.  Find reliable resources 🙂 and don’t fall for advertisement gimmicks!

I also love DIY skincare.  Those recipes that we do at home and use right away…no preservatives needed 🙂 I’ll be posting my favorites recipes in upcoming posts.  I love oils as moisturizers so I’ll be writing about their chemical composition, what makes them so great also.

What's your favorite products? Check out mine above!


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